Schwammer Thor —Swamp Door” the ancient name for a narrow pass between giant boulders on the Swamp Pike near Schaffer Road.

Fog Seal to begin June 15

Road improvements are scheduled to take place on Heather Lane, Willow Lane, Locust Lane, Cedar Lane, Holly Lane, Crabapple Lane, Cherry Court and Woodlark Circle, on June 15, June 18 or June 19. The Public Works Department will prepare the roadway by milling out distressed areas of blacktop and by replacing storm drain grates which have already been marked. (Please keep in mind that the curb and apron in front of the property is the homeowner’s responsibility). The roadway will then be treated with a process called “fog sealing,” by an outside contractor. 

The fog sealing process is accomplished in several steps including the spraying of an asphalt emulsion (thin oil) that adds approximately 5 to 7 years of life on a roadway. It is implemented after a crack-sealing process, in which cracks in the roadway are sealed if they meet criteria on wideness and severity. Once completed, the project will hold the aggregate in place, seal the roadway and improve the surface.

During this process, all vehicles need to be moved off the roadway and there will be no parking for 24 hours.  Once completed, the contractor will be back in approximately 10 days to sweep loose stones from the surface and apply a final coat.  Vehicles will need to be moved off the roadway for an additional 24 hours to allow time for drying.

 If you have any questions, contact Dennis Flynn, our Public Works Director, at 610-323-1008 ex 302 or at