Native Americans lived along most streams of New Hanover for at least 10,000 years.


Municipal Audits

The page includes or will include each municipal audit we receive - general, liquid fuels and pension. Feel free to review each document and contact the Township Manager with questions.

General Audits

Each year the township is subjected to a municipal audit that is conducted by an appointed auditing firm.  The firm audits the municipality's previous year's accounting in the first quarter of the calendar year.


Communications with Governance at the Conclusion of the Audit
Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report
Financial Statements and Other Information

Liquid Fuels Audits

The state Office of the Auditor General conducts liquid fuels fund audits on a rolling basis about every two years. Each audit is preceded by a letter to the municipality explaining the process. Auditors submit their findings to PennDOT, which determines if the municipality needs to reimburse its Liquid Fuels Tax Fund account for any LFFs that were misused.We are working on updating this section.

Pension Audits

We are working on updating this section.