In 1832 the postal address of New Hanover was called “Swamp Churches.” The village had a Lutheran church, a German Reformed church, a post office, a tanyard, 2 taverns, 2 stores, and 8 dwellings.


Approved Plans

This page includes approved plans currently under construction.  Please contact the Township if you need to review a plan that was approved but has completed its process.

Country Meadows

The Country Meadows Subdivision is located on approximately 18 acres of land along to the west of Dotterer Road north of Swamp Pike and consists of 32 single-family homes with access provided along Dotterer Road via two new unsignalized intersections with two new local roads.

We currently do not have electronic plans for this development.

Hanover Pointe

The subject property is approximately 72.38 acres and is located within the R-15 Zoning District. The existing property is improved with two single family homes, driveways, cultivated lands, meadows, woodlands, and wetlands. The site is located within Zone X, the FEMA mapped 100 year floodplain with flooding less than 1 foot or drainage areas less than 1 square mile. The existing site is presumed to be served by private on-lot sewer and water. The proposed subdivision will be served by public water and sewer. The Applicant is proposing to subdivide the existing parcels into one-hundred and forty ­five (145) lots with single family homes. 

The subject parcel is located on the west side of North Charlotte Street (S.R. 0663), opposite Lomara Drive.  Access to the parcel will be provided via a new roadway that will intersect North Charlotte Street (S.R. 0663), directly opposite Lomara Drive, as well as a new roadway that will intersect Moyer Drive to the west of North Charlotte Street (S.R. 0663).  

Approved Plan

Hanover Woods

This subdivision is located on approximately 24 acres of land on the east side of Dotterer Road across from the Windlestrae Property in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County.  The site will be developed to provide 65 village homes with access provided via two new intersections along Dotterer Road. 

Approved Plan

The subject property is approximately 35 acres and located within the TN (Traditional Neighborhood) Zoning District. The existing property consists primarily of woods and meadows. There are also two existing residential properties. The site is bisected by Middle Creek Road. There is also an area of wetlands on the eastern side of the tract. The Applicant is subdividing the property into 115 lots and constructing a mixture of single-family dwellings. The mixture of single-family dwellings consists of 35 village houses, 40 twins, and 40 atrium houses.

Approved Plan


The Rolling Meadows subdivision is located to the east of Specht Road and to the north of Moyer Road and includes 38 single-family detached homes and 24 townhomes that will be built out of the 26 townhomes shown on the plans.

Approved Plan


Approved Plan (Phases 1-5)
Approved Plan (Phase 6)
Approved Plan (Phase 7)
Approved Plan (Phase 8)


The applicant bought parts of the Kingston Hill development and is developing the remaining 121 lots.  Access to the residential community will be provided via a new full-movement intersection along Buchert Road located approximately 285 feet west of Leidy Road and a full-movement intersection along Jane Drive located approximately 1,050 feet south of Buchert Road.  In addition, the Jane Drive cul-de-sac will be extended and three of the single-family lots will have direct access to Jane Drive.     

Approved Plan (Court Order)