Swamp Pike was a dirt road until 1928. 


Subdivision and Land Development


If you are considering developing or subdividing your land, please click the link below to access our SALDO Information and Application Packet.  This resource will help you start the development process in the Township.  Also, make sure you read the Montgomery County Conservation District's PPT before proceeding to understand our view on stormwater management.

Please note that our Township has a policy to have a plan technically completed (within reason) prior to preliminary consideration.  Once preliminary approval is granted, we do not consider final plan approval (resolution) until all comments have been satisfied and permits secured.  This ensures a smooth process for both parties. It is strongly suggested that you discuss your plan in advance with the Township Manager and Planning Commission (Sketch Plan) in advance of plan design.

NHT SALDO Application

Before you invest in a plan though, we recommend you submit a sketch plan to have our Planning Commission provide informal feedback.

Other Resources

Codification of Ordinances

Zoning Map


A developer submits one of the following types of plans:

  • Sketch Plan – applicants are encouraged to submit a sketch plan as the first step in the subdivision and land development process as a basis for informal discussion with the Planning Commission.  However, this action is not mandatory and is not an official plan under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.
  • Minor Subdivision/Land Development – a subdivision proposal which would improve or divide one existing lot into two lots, both of which will comply with the applicable dimensional requirements of the district in which the existing lot is located and meets the following requirements:
    • the existing lot has sufficient footage on an existing, improved public street to satisfy the applicable Township requirements for lot frontage and access to a public street for proposed lots
    • the subdivision will not require new road construction, road improvements or the extension of existing public utility lines
    • the proposal will not involve significant stormwater and/or erosion control measures or issues as determined by the Township Engineer
  • Major Subdivision/Land Development – any improvement or subdivision other than a minor subdivision/land development or any size improvement or subdivision requiring new road construction, road improvements or the extension of existing public utility lines

Once a preliminary plan is submitted, the Township sends the plan documents to its consultants for review.  When the review is completed, the applicant appears before the Planning Commission for a recommendation of approval.  Regardless of the recommendation, the Board of Supervisors has the option to approve the plan or deny it.  If approved, the applicant revises their plan according to comments from the Board of Supervisors and submits a final plan to complete the same process.

In this time of suburban sprawl, residents often don’t understand why township officials might approve plans for more homes or commercial development. The Township has developed several long-range planning documents for zoning (what type of building or operations can go where), aesthetics (such as specifications for how large or small signs can be), and for safety of all residents and visitors to a building. Township officials cannot legally “close the door” on development. They can however, set forth guidelines for property use, which applied over time, can help our community remain an attractive and enjoyable place to live.
By law, if a plan meets all zoning requirements, development ordinances, and required approvals, the Board of Supervisors must approve a developer’s plan.

If you would like to review active or approved plans under construction, click the sublinks above on the left navigation pane.

For more information on the regulations municipalities must follow regarding subdivision and land development, click here to access the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.