Did You Know:

How water is used in your home?

On average, our direct indoor water use (water you use from your tap, toilet, dishwasher, etc.) adds up to about 60 gallons of water a day per person. Here's how indoor water use breaks down: Toilets (28 percent), Washing Machines (22 percent),
Showers and Baths (19 percent), Sinks (16 percent), Household Leaks (14 percent).

That last number is surprising – it’s almost 10 gallons of water per person per day lost to leaky toilets and faucets. Elimination of household leaks would significantly reduce the operating costs of New Hanover Township Authority.

NHT Authority Board

The New Hanover Township Authority is the owner and financier of the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Sanitary Sewage Collection System for New Hanover Township. The Authority’S Board is a five member, staggered term Authority authorized by the Authorities Act of 1945 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Meetings are held at the Wastewater Treatment Facility, 2990 Fagleysville Road, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania 19525, at 6:30 PM on the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month.

Current Authority Board Members:

� Thomas Miskiewicz, Chairman

�Douglass Muller, Vice Chairman

�Jon Detterline

�Rusty Oister

�Samantha Schmoll

� Bellwoar Kelly, LLP

Duties and Responsibilities of the New Hanover Township Sewer Authority:

�Provides and owns the wastewater treatment facility and the sanitary sewer collection system and leases same to New Hanover Township for operation and management.

�Provides the Authority’s vision for an innovative and resilient sewage collection and treatment enterprise revolutionizing the recovery of valuable resources for sustainable communities.

�Coordinates with New Hanover Township on the appropriate treatment scenarios and engineering protocols for best long-term utilization of the sanitary sewer plant and the collection system.

�Finance all upgrades and expansions of the sanitary treatment facility and the collection system.

�Provides oversight of the operation and maintenance of the plant and collection system.

New Hanover Township Sewer Authority

2990 Fagleysville Road 
Gilbertsville, PA 19525 
Phone: 610-754-6432 
Fax: 610-754-1492 
Hours: 7:00AM – 3:00PM++

For Billing Questions

E-mail: ssallade@newhanover-pa.org 
Phone: 610-754-6432 
Fax: 610-754-1492+


Superintendent: Brian Staehle

E-mail: bstaehle@newhanover-pa.org 
Phone: 610-754-6432 
Fax: 610-754-1492++