New Hanover Township “free schools” started in 1850 with the operation of 10 one-room schools. The township-run school system closed in 1949, but all of the buildings still stand today.

Flood Damage from the Storm?

New Hanover Township experienced almost 6 inches of rain in under 3 hours during yesterday's severe storm (July 11, 2019); this equates to a storm we would expect to see once every 1,000 years.   

If you or any residents you know have any unmet needs because of the storm or are in need of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) assistance, please immediately contact Jamie Gwynn at 610-323-1008 (extension 8) (leave a voicemail) or email him at This could include flood buckets, flood clean-up assistance, and/or minor home repairs.  He will then forward your request to the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center.